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occasion refresher package

Happy whatever the occasion refresher Package.

Price: $ 99.00 55 mins

This divine package consists of, a relaxing back massage, which will assist in relieving those stress filled knots, focusing around the neck and shoulders. Draining the tension in the back, which will have you in a relaxed state of mind, when you roll over to enjoy Guinot’s HydraClean facial, suitable for all skin types. This is an invigorating facial, that deep cleans the skin from within. While softening the pores, and endeavouring to rid the skin of toxins and bacteria, the heated electrode glides over the skin allowing the specialised treatment gels, which have been applied, to penetrate deep into the skin, resulting in clearer, brighter and more hydrated skin. The treatment is completed with a relaxing facial massage that works to drain and re-commence the skin’s  microcirculation, and increase the skin radiance, furthermore the witch hazel in the massage serum assists on reforming and tightening the open pores. Float on a cloud whilst, enjoying your newly rejuvenated skin complexion.

pamper yourself

Pamper yourself, just because you’re a woman and let’s be honest, you definitely deserve it.

Price: $170 90 mins

Indulge in a coconut and vanilla sugar back scrub. Enjoy the cleansing sensations of this scrub, assisting in the removal of dead dry skin cells, in those hard to reach places. Using circular motions to also help erythema production, which will help with cellulite drainage.
Take pleasure in a Swedish relaxation back massage, that will have you feeling lighter, relieving you from your stress filled knots, caught in areas around the neck, shoulders and back. Once you’re relaxed, in a state of euphoria we shall begin Guinot’s Skin Renewal Facial, the HydraPeel, (or if you prefer the Detoxygene Facial).

Starting off with the cleanse and toning lotions, to follow with a fruit acid and enzyme peel, which enlightens the senses, there is a light comfortable tingling sensation that is brushed onto the skin. The massage is continued for face neck and shoulders which will having you drifting off into a state of bliss. The mask I like to call it is the plumping mask, it will leave your skin looking and feeling more hydrated and youthful. After this treatment I promise you that you will leave feel relaxed, refreshed and rejuvenated when you walk out the door.


Husband needs a gift to get into the good books package.

Price: $ 300 150 mins

This is the ultimate gift package to get for a special someone, whilst enjoying some peace and quiet yourself.

To begin with, Guinot’s half an hour relaxing foot peeling and massage treatment, that rehydrates the skin and assists in eliminating calluses, and giving you brand new, nourished feet.

After the first phase of this exquisite package, relax into the beauty couch and relish a coconut and vanilla sugar back scrub, which removes dead skin cells in those hard to reach places. Take pleasure in a Swedish relaxation back massage, that will have you feeling lighter, relieving you from your stress filled knots throughout the body, then hot towels to remove the excess.

Indulge in our number one, Hydraderm Cellular Renewal facial treatment, which is the heart of the Guinot experience.

Being able to adapt this facial for all skin types, targeting my clients skins needs, and improves the skins problems from within. This facial is one of a kind, patent exclusively to Guinot. The rollers, Dynamic Ionisation, re-awakens the energy within the skin cells, using galvanic energy, speeding up the enzyme responsible for repairing damage and stress caused to the skin, re-energising new cellular life within the skin, giving you a more youthful appearance. The thermal energy electrode, the oxygen level within the skin is increased, cellular regeneration is accelerated and toxins are eliminated.

Followed with a relaxation facial, neck and shoulder massage.

Finishing off with a delightful facial mask tailored to the clients skin needs, whilst the mask is infusing nutrients into the skin, enjoy a complimentary hand and arm massage.

After a hot towel removal, a moisturiser and eye cream will be applied so you won’t have to do a thing, except walk out completely refreshed, rejuvenated and revived

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