All skins can be asphyxiated, and not just in the city! In fact, our environment plays an important role (exhaust fumes, tobacco smoke, industrial pollution, dust and confined atmospheres), just like our lifestyle, that causes our skin to produce toxins in greater quantities (unhealthy diet, lack of sleep, and the biggest contributor… stress).

Consequences? The complexion is dull and tired, blurred, it lacks vitality and leaves room for the arrival of imperfections.

Starting off with a Cleanse and Toner to remove anything sitting on the skins surface, then the first phase of the facial, the enzymatic and mechanical exfoliation, made up of papaya extract and cellulose, to smooth and refines the texture and preps the skin for the green clay mask.

(A high grade of Clay, which comes from Valay in France), the mask acts as a ‘pollution magnet’ to pick up and eliminate pollution particles. Whilst receiving the benefits of the mask enjoy a head, hand and arm massage. When the mask is removed, hot towels will be used for any excess. Finally, a pro-oxygen serum is massaged into the skin, which boosts cell metabolism, provides the energy necessary for cells to function properly and protects the skin against the harmful pollutants. It also moisturises and smooths the first signs of wrinkles and fine lines.

For this situation, Guinot recommends you to integrate this beautiful facial, in amongst your beauty regime. Conducted by your expert Beautician, it is the detoxing, reoxygenating treatment that, in under 1 hour, removes dead cells, eliminates toxins and pollution, and reoxygenates the skin.

After just one treatment the average decrease in the number of impurities was 82.7%, the average decrease in rough skin patches was 43.1%, the average increase in moisture levels was 67%.

The results,100% radiant skin and a fresh complexion, and a smoother more refined skin texture.

  • Detoxygene Facial- 50 mins , recommended for all skin types and ages.

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