Hydradermie Lift

Hydradermie Lift is the Hydradermie Facial with the added benefit of a lifting treatment that tones the skin and firms the face and neck deep down by exercising the muscles. In depth, the muscles regain tone and vitality and the features are lifted to a spectacular effect.

Hydradermie Lift acts like a gym session for the facial muscles. At the end of the treatment, your face looks smoother and firmer, the face looks visibly younger… with no injections. Guinot’s highly advanced non-surgical face lift.

Lift Express is the complete neck and facial muscle toning which includes cleanse, exfoliation, tone and a lifting mask. In just a few sessions the skin recovers vitality, radiance and increased in firmness and tone.

  • Hydradermie Lift Facial for Ladies and Gentlemen 110 mins
  • Eye Lift 15 mins
  • Lifting Express - Ladies and Gentlemen: 45 mins
  • Lifting Express - Course of 6 over 3 consecutive weeks

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