Teenage Facial

Most teenagers will go through a tough period with their skin, in fact almost 8/10 teens have acne, as do adults. It is common for them to have clogged pores, acne and breakouts throughout their schooling life, and is vital for them to start taking care of their skin at a young age, to develop a second nature skin care routine, and realise the importance of good skin care and retrieve the benefits for the future. Clear skin creates healthy self-love and confidence.

Recommended starting age is 13.

To start a Cleanser and a gentle exfoliant will be massaged into the skin to remove any excess, make up, perspiration, or dirt sitting on the surface of the skin. A gentle steam using demineralised water, will flow over the face making the skin soft and supple ready for any impurity extractions. The High frequency electrode kills bacteria and reduces inflammation. It also increases blood circulation which will work on giving the skin a heathy glow over the coming days.

Guinot’s pure balance clay mask will be applied which absorbs sebum, refines the skins texture, unclogs and tightens pores.

We would definitely recommend Guinots Purifying range. Cleansing Foam, Acnilogic serum, Pure balance moisturising cream and the pure balance mask.


Your skin will feel clean, clear and refreshed when you leave, but you may have some red spots from the extractions that will clear over the next few days. The facial will keep the skin under control for a skin cycle, but you will notice blemishes coming back after 3 or 4 weeks depending on the skins sebum activity. We recommend this as a 3 or 4 week maintenance programme until the skin starts to settle, then you will notice over time you won’t need them as frequently.

  • Teenage Facial 45 mins

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