Hydraderm Cellular energy

Hydraderm Cellular Renewal

Guinot’s exceptional, non-invasive, mechanical treatment, is at the heart of the Guinot experience. Welcoming the brand new Hydraderm Cellular Energy Youth Facial Treatment, from Paris with love. Us being the first salon on the Gold Coast to offer you this world class facial, that The Royals and celebrities choose to enjoy on a monthly basis

The Hydraderm Cellular is a customised treatment to achieve a visible enhancement, for naturally youthful skin, focusing on eyes, full face, décolletage and neck.

The Hydraderm Cellular is Guinot’s updated version of the Hydradermie treatment (which we also offer).

This treatment is exclusive to Guinot, specialising to be a modified treatment for all skin types, with different skin needs, and is designed to provide spectacular results in terms of youthful-looking skin. In fact, clinical test results have revealed, that after following just one of the Hydraderm Cellular treatment, the skin is 52% more hydrated, and it had also works on decreasing wrinkle depth by 49.5%, with instant results that will continue to keep your skin healthy, radiant and blemish free throughout the month.

With age, skin cells just aren’t as active. When the cells lack energy, they reproduce more slowly, the synthesis of the elastic fibre slows and unfortunately the first signs of ageing appear.

This patented treatment method from Paris, will rejuvenate the skins appearance by restoring the cellular energy to your skin cells, giving you a more naturally youthful appearance and corrects the skins problems from the inside out.

Commencing with the therapists skin analysis, this treatment offers eight different versions according to the clients beauty objective and skin type.

Relax into the lounge, beginning with a cleanse, gentle exfoliation and toner to remove any make up, dry skin and dead skin cells, leaving the therapist with a clean canvas.

After the skin consultation, choosing the right gels for the clients individual skin needs:

  • Moisturising
  • Purifying
  • Anti-Wrinkle
  • Anti-Ageing
  • Nourishing
  • Brightening
  • Soothing
  • Sun damage Repair


This unique dynamic ionisation process enables rapid absorption of the active ingredient’s for exceptional effectiveness. Let the electrodes work their magic through galvanic current, whilst you slip into a state of rejuvenated bliss.

Enjoy the Thermal energy warmth, relaxes your skin while stimulating cell activity and revives the skin and creates a beautiful radiance that lasts by boosting the skins cell oxygenation levels, which will eliminate toxin’s within the skin, and revives the skins radiance by also boosting the skin’s microcirculation.

Thanks to the beauty therapist’s expert hands, a luxury shoulder, neck and facial massage relaxes the muscles, energises blood flow, leaving the skin with a natural glow.

The finishing touch, a mask, tailored to your skins needs. Enjoy the benefits of the mask, while receiving a complimentary hand and arm massage.

Last, but absolutely not least, a top of the range eye cream and moisturiser is applied, so you can leave, without having to do a thing, but go home and enjoy a nice glass of wine, with your favourite TV programme… or perhaps as Guinot recommends, a glass or two of water and no make up for 6 hours. The choice is yours.

If you would like to read an article on a non-basis opinion on this treatment feel free to follow the link.


  • Guinot Hydraderm Cellular Energy Youth Facial 60 min
    VIP $170

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