Hydraderm Cellular Energy Five Star Lift Treatment

We can’t fight against time, but we can reduce the effects of time on the skin.

You didn’t think we could top the Hydraderm Cellular Energy Youth facial, but this Lift Treatment has all the benefits of the Hydraderm renewal facial, with the added benefit of the lifting stimulation.

A viable alternative to aesthetic medicine. With age the muscles are used less, the skin loses tone and the facial contours lose definition… Until now, The Hydraderm Instant Lift Treatment acts on the skin’s structure by mending the epidermis and firming the dermis, which visibly rejuvenates and lifts the contours of the facial features by stimulating the facial muscles. In just afew minutes the face immediately appears younger and visibly lifted.

This non-surgical lifting treatment targets areas, showing a loss of elasticity, especially around the eyes, mouth, neck and forehead. This causes an instant toning, lifting and firming action, to the slackened muscles, delivering visible results after just one treatment.

In the same way that the body muscles are ‘sculpted’ at the gym, this treatment not only adds a spectacular ‘lift effect’ to the face after just one session, but also stimulates cell renewal and repair, whilst increasing collagen production within the skin cells.

The skin is smoother, firmer and wrinkles/fine lines appear more reduced.
And with every successive treatment it will aid to enhance the effects of the previous lift treatment.

Recommended for a full monthly maintenance programme, that will keep your skin healthy, hydrated, firmer and toxin free.


The face appears more youthful, the face appears more lifted, the facial contours appear more defined.

Just fancy like quickie? You can have just the Lift express, 45 Mins for $70

Which includes, Cleanse, exfoliate and tone, the lift treatment, and finishing off with a delicious lifting mask, and relaxing with a hand and arm massage. A great maintenance program, just like taking your facial muscles to the gym to firm and tone the skin.

  • 75 Mins
    VIP $180

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